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BFT-Forecast 3.01

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BFT-Forecast 3.01 is a company's financial model.

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7 / 10 / 8
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Using it you can easily prepare a company's long-term financial plan. BFT-Forecast 3.01 is the product with capabilities that surpass many similar software products. This program has already been distributed for several years and has a broad customer base.


suitable for industrial, service and trade businesses prepares a complete set of financial statements and detailed tables cash flow statements are created in a direct and indirect way absolutely flexible choice of products (up to 50 products) flexible choice of the first two years of the planning period (you can plan in months, quarters or years) planning horizon of 7 years using additional expense items, the software is easily adoptable to your company flexible planning of settlement with buyers and suppliers detailed planning of changes in fixed asset comparison of actual and planned indicators wide list of financial indicators languages: English a lot of graphic information